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Are You Making Disciples?

It’s been awhile, I know. I get busy and forget how much writing and speaking help me process life. This past week, there have been a couple milestones in the Sharp family and some exciting events in ministry. Our daughter, … Continue reading

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Danger: Spikes Ahead!

I have been going over this topic in my mind for some time.  Okay.  I have somewhat been avoiding it.  It is such a touchy issue.  I thought, “Should I go there?”  “Lord, isn’t there another who you can use … Continue reading

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From My Heart To Yours: It Is Worth It!

It’s almost too much.  Isn’t it?  Trying to serve the church and Christ.  It becomes weary and overwhelming at times.  Are you tempted to quit?  Maybe start your own church inside your own house… by yourself.  People are messy.  It … Continue reading

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We Could All Use a Little…

When you read the title, did you automatically think, “money.”  Maybe you thought, “love.”  What about “Jesus.”  While those are all true, it’s not exactly what I will be dealing with.  There is a little word that has an enormous … Continue reading

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What About Perfection?

I am a perfectionist.  I am better than I used to be.  Though, this may be hard to believe if you know me.  In high school, I took numerous art classes, and I loved painting.  My teacher, however, would eventually … Continue reading

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Asking the Hard Question

I have been to a couple of conferences lately that have addressed a basic, but profound question:  “Do you trust God?”  Many of the speakers have stood on the stage and asked the audience this question.  I have been wrestling … Continue reading

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