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The Danger of Sin

My family was at the beach this past weekend. Our toddlers were enjoying playing near the water’s edge and venturing into the small pools that had formed with the low tide. Our oldest son waded out with his small, plastic, … Continue reading

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Purity: Is It Still Possible?

There is quite a bit of talk these days about purity.  Or, rather, not being pure.  I have personally read several blogs that take the “culture” approach.   It seems people believe that life is very different from biblical times, and … Continue reading

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Danger: Spikes Ahead!

I have been going over this topic in my mind for some time.  Okay.  I have somewhat been avoiding it.  It is such a touchy issue.  I thought, “Should I go there?”  “Lord, isn’t there another who you can use … Continue reading

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On a Journey…

Have you ever felt like a failure?  Have you ever taken a step back, looked at your life, and seen disappointment?  It can be easy to feel defeated.  We look around at the world and begin to compare ourselves.  To … Continue reading

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