“Quiet Time” For Moms

I seriously desire to dig into God’s Word and soak in its deep truths.  Having a “quiet time” is vital.  But let me just be honest, my quiet time is the farthest thing from quiet.  It’s pretty much the opposite.

I am the mommy to three toddlers.  I have just recently survived nursing our baby a year, and our family is moving into a place where we can somewhat function again.  You would think that I could have it more together.  But then again, I am a mother—to toddlers.

I feed everyone breakfast (Usually more than one breakfast because my children are hobbits.  True story.).  I make myself a cup of coffee and turn on worship music. I get them set up in our boys’ room to play.  They are old enough to play well together.  I am steps away and can hear well, so please don’t panic.  I grab my cup of coffee, which is already lukewarm because I had to convince my littles that they could, in fact, play…with toys…in their room.  I sit down in my husband’s fluffy recliner with my Women’s Study Bible.  I take a drink of my now barely warm liquid and open the Word.

I have been seated less than one minute when the first “Mommy!” rings out.  I say, “Yes?” No answer.  “Mommy!” “Yes?” *Silence* “Mommy!!!!! MOMMMMMYYYYY!!!!” I rise from the chair and walk to the playroom.  “Yes?” They each act completely astounded that I am standing in the doorway.  “What did you need?” Our oldest says, “Nothing Mommy,” and grins in his infectious way. I return to my chair.  Focus my mind and open the Bible again.

I read one sentence.  *Crying* It’s the baby.  Someone is not giving her the toy she wants, or she is tired (Her first nap is early, and I often have to convince her to stay awake until 9:30 a.m.), or she has fallen down (Don’t worry.  The likelihood of a genuine injury is very slim.  She doesn’t like to fall down when she’s tired and being deprived of the one toy she wants in a room filled with toys.). I go to the room again.  Pick her up.  Snuggle her.  Place her back on the floor.  All is well, and I return to the recliner.

I pick up the Word.  I read a long list of genealogies.  I’m re-reading 1 Chronicles. It challenges my brain to read lists of names, but I want to soak in the tidbits in between and develop more of an appreciation for what the author is doing and saying.  I get a bit of a headache trying to be so spiritual.  Maybe 5 minutes has passed (Probably not, but I’m feeling generous from all my Bible study.).

I finish the chapter.  I am about to have a complete thought about the tribes of Israel returning from exile when the room erupts with little feet and giggles, shouts and “Mommy!” “Mommy!” I laugh and smile and take a swig of my cold coffee right before I am attacked with hugs and kisses by three sweet faces.

After more snuggles, it’s snack time.  I lay the baby down for her morning nap.  I thank the Lord for my “quiet time” and begin to fold laundry.

Be Blessed!


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2 Responses to “Quiet Time” For Moms

  1. I loved rereading this!! It is so, so true … & so, so funny! I’m beyond thankful that God gave us the best instruction book, (The Bible), for raising the precious children he blessed us with!

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