An Imperfect Mother

Right now, my world is filled with Cheerios, potty training and Little People play sets.  I am the mother of a toddler.  If you have been there or are there, you know that it is a busy time.  It is a joy.  It is exhausting.  I often see Facebook posts by other moms, and I too enjoy looking at Pinterest.  What I have noticed, however, is a sense of guilt or lacking.  I saw one of those ecards that said something like, “All these moms are on Pinterest making things, and I’m like I kept my kid alive today.”  I thought to myself, after I saw it for the millionth time, why do we feel this way?  Why do we feel like we are less if we don’t do what someone else is doing? What if we work?  What if we stay home?   What if we feed our children organic food?  What if we don’t?  What if we homeschool?  What if we send our children to public school?  We are all still mothers.  We are imperfect, but we are loved.  Loved by the Father, and called to an amazing task.

Let me just say, it is OKAY that you are not perfect.  You will never be.  You will never have it all together.  I say this as someone who struggles with a deep longing to be perfect AND have it all together.  Sometimes I make cute Pinterest crafts with Kanaan, and some days I am thankful we are both just alive at the end of the day.  Motherhood is NOT a competition.  Even in a social media world.  You are the ONLY mother for your children.  You were CHOSEN by God to be their mother.  He didn’t choose me.  He didn’t choose her.  He chose you.

I love Genesis 30:22 where it says that God opened Rachel’s womb.  He was in control of her conceiving.  Maybe you haven’t been able to conceive.  Maybe you adopted.  Maybe you mother the youth in your church.  No matter if your children came from your womb or someone else’s, they are yours.  YOU are their mother.  It is all, equally, a great calling.  We are to encourage one another.  Not tear each other down.  We weren’t meant to live perfect lives in glass houses for all to see.  We are meant to live out the Gospel in a lost world.

Your job isn’t to make salt dough handprints, though they are fun.  It’s not to coach your daughter’s cheerleading team, though that is awesome.  Your job is to teach your children, others’ children, everyone about Christ; to truly disciple them.  To live this messy, imperfect life, and to show them how it’s done according to Jesus.  There isn’t much discipleship happening anywhere; even less in the home.  The Lord wants you to be found faithful.

There is another Scripture that I love.  It’s 2 Timothy 1:5.  It says, “Clearly recalling your sincere faith that first lived in your grandmother Lois, then in your mother Eunice, and that I am convinced is in you also.”  Paul is speaking to Timothy, and he is noting a legacy of discipleship.  We are to pass it down to our children.   In Deuteronomy 6:4-9, the Shema, God instructs us to live out loving Him and to teach it to our children.

The next time you get on Facebook or Pinterest, don’t feel bad for being an imperfect mother.  Celebrate others’ successes.  Enjoy your children.  Teach them the Gospel.  Embrace the motherhood God has called you to, and be blessed!

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13 Responses to An Imperfect Mother

  1. Yes! I love this. It is so encouraging and on point! Every season of your life has worth and value.

  2. Sonja southard says:

    Just a very heartfelt thank you

  3. Christine Audas says:

    I LOVE this. Being a mom to 3 children that are so far apart in ages, I’ve mothered them all so differently and learned so much with each child. Some mothering skills were changed, some perfected on and some didn’t work. The two things that never end…. Loving them and praying for them.

  4. Roger Pierce says:

    Sometimes I worry about keeping up with what the YOUNGER mothers do with their children, but then, I know I am loving my girls to pieces and Roger and I are BOTH raising them in the love and admonition of the Lord. That truly is what counts!!!! I find myself going at a much more relaxed, carefree pace in raising the girls than I did the boys, and I think that is good!!! Prayers are always needed, though!!! Vicki 🙂

  5. Becky says:

    Just what I needed to hear, my child is 18 now and on a destructive trail, I am praying some time with me will remind him of my unconditional love.

  6. njerigikonyo says:

    Truly encouraging timely and consoling.

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