From My Heart To Yours: It Is Worth It!

It’s almost too much.  Isn’t it?  Trying to serve the church and Christ.  It becomes weary and overwhelming at times.  Are you tempted to quit?  Maybe start your own church inside your own house… by yourself.  People are messy.  It would be easier to focus on your family.  They’re the most important responsibility you have, right?  The lies of Satan are so tempting and convincing because they contain half truths.  Be sure that the honey that drips from his lips will quickly turn to bile in your belly.  There is nothing wrong with house churches.  That’s how they did it in Acts, and Jason and I have a heart for those who go to such lengths to make the Gospel known.  We try to have small groups in our home often as well.  God has certainly also blessed us with our families.  It is our calling to show them God’s love.  Please don’t forget, however, that there are those without families both physically and spiritually, and God calls us to be their “parents.”  My husband and I have such a heart for adoption and hope to be able to adopt in God’s timing.  For the present, however, we strive to spiritually adopt as many as we can; pouring into them as much as we can.  I admit; it is exhausting.  Often, heartbreaking.

I am personally coming out of a time of deep sadness.  I have been discouraged.  Not at just one thing, but, often as the case is, with many things.  God has been so sweet to gently remind me that it is not about me or my family or my life or my dreams.  It is about Him and His Gospel and His purpose and His people.  What a joy to work for Christ.  When I am broken, useless, and unforgiveable, He speaks truth into my life and uses me.  I am beside myself at His love.  I must share that with others, and it involves more than a one time visit.  It involves repeated acts of love, living life with the “unlovable” and truly discipling anyone who will allow me to.

I was reminded this week as my husband sat at our kitchen table with a young man from our community how worthy the Kingdom is.  (I would love it if I didn’t need reminding.)  Jason was sharing the Gospel with him yet again and making sure he understood that if he truly was a believer his life had to look different from the world.  These, the words of Christ through my husband to a broken youth who has no father, a mother who works constantly to support them, a job and school to worry about.  He is trying to figure out how to live for Jesus when no one else does.  And as I listened to the great truth from God’s holy Word that through the Holy Spirit was pouring out into this young man’s life, I was taken back.  As I sat and prayed for Jason to have the Holy Spirit give him the words and for this young man to take them in and live them, I thanked Christ that it IS worth it!  I thanked Him for pursuing us with reckless abandon, and I was brought to tears at the fact that Christ is always moving.  He never rests.  I thanked Him for overflowing my cup, and bringing me out of a season of “oh pitiful me” to a place of rejoicing in Him.  Whether the whole town of Walnut Springs (where we live and minister) experiences life through Christ and revival is up to them.  I will be faithful to pray and serve them.  Oh, God, please find me faithful.

Maybe you are feeling low right now; empty even.  Remember that Christ is moving.  He is using whatever effort you give Him to advance the Gospel.  Give Him your all.  When you and I do this, He is glorified, people are changed and everything else falls into place.  May you be blessed in the season the Holy Spirit finds you.

“So we must not get tired of doing good, for we will reap at the proper time if we don’t give up.”  Galatians 6:9

“But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be provided for you.”  Matthew 6:33

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6 Responses to From My Heart To Yours: It Is Worth It!

  1. Stony says:

    This really hit w/me, I preached Sunday night on “the body of Christ” and how many times do we act dumb to ourselves such as Judas did in Matt 26:25 when he said “Master is it I ?”, all the while we know who we are and our service to Christ and the undeserved blessings in which He pours out on us daily. We are not worthy of such love. We must always look at the cup running over for there are those w/o a cup. Glory for the reminders we recieve each day. Thank you for being a part of His reminder.

  2. Kimberly Harris says:

    I’m constantly reminded everyday how good God is. We all have concerns and issues, events of heartache and loss. Heavy hearts for friends and family dealing with hardships but at the end of the day I praise him for his love and mercy. It is so easy to look for the bad in ones day. many times I hear” i have had a bad day” ( over minor issues) I guess what I’m trying to say is it just seems so ungrateful to fuss over such minor issues. If you have just had a average day at work, uneventful, maybe even seems like the same old same old. What a awesome day that is. Lord just give us a grateful heart.

  3. Brigitte says:

    He is always worth it!

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