Multitasking Divas Beware

I am a task oriented person.  I have previously confessed my love of lists and the satisfaction I receive from crossing things off.  You will be happy to know that I now have an app for that.  I am a multitasker.  I never truly knew, however, how talented I could be until I became a mother.  Who knew you could nurse a baby, type, and make dinner all at the same time?  I find, however, that I get caught up in all of my earthly jobs.  When I lie down at night, I am still going over the various lists in my mind.  “Tomorrow I need to set out the pork chops, swap the laundry, pay the water bill, refill the diaper hanger…”  “At the office, I need to print the bulletins, edit Jason’s newsletter, call Charm about the benevolence need, mail the birthday cards…”  “Note to self:  Don’t forget to call the doctor and Sally at the tax office.”  I revel in multitasking!  I am almost proud of it and wear it as a badge of honor.  Lately, though, I have been feeling convicted about all my beautiful lists and never ending tasks.  Am I filling up my life with things that will not last?  Now, don’t misunderstand me.  I must feed my family, clean my house (no matter how unfun that is) (yes, I made up a word), and take care of my child.  However, God keeps bringing to mind that legendary story from His Word.  Yes, Mary and Martha.  You remember it, don’t you?

It’s a powerful snippet of Scripture.  Luke 10:38-42 says, “While they were traveling, He entered a village, and a woman named Martha welcomed Him into her home.  She had a sister named Mary, who also sat at the Lord’s feet and was listening to what He said.  But Martha was distracted by her many tasks, and she came up and asked, ‘Lord, don’t You care that my sister has left me to serve alone?  So tell her to give me a hand.’  The Lord answered her, ‘Martha, Martha, you are worried and upset about many things, but one thing is necessary.  Mary has made the right choice, and it will not be taken away from her.'”  I am Martha.  I can picture Jesus knocking at the door of my home.  I freak out that He has chosen to come.  And on today!  Goodness!  I shove the shoes away from the entrance as He enters. I rush to get the laundry I meant to put away yesterday from the couch.  “Please sit, Lord.  May I get you anything?”  I run to the kitchen and begin loading last night’s dinner dishes as I start a pot of tea.  “Jason,” I call.  “Can you please come to the kitchen?”  I scold him for not telling me that Jesus was coming.  (He is always forgetting to let me know when people are dropping by.)  “Miranda,” the Lord calls.  “Coming, Jesus.  Be there in just a sec.”  I return to the living room with a cup of tea and a biscotti.  I think to myself, “Does Jesus eat biscotti?”  “Here you are, Lord.”  I smile at the Savior.  Then, I turn and begin to pick up the baby toys in the floor.  “So sorry.  I didn’t realize you were coming today.  My house is usually not in such disorder.”  I think, “You just lied to Jesus.  And He knows!”  I scold myself.

Do you get the picture?  This is my personality!  I am crazy!  Jesus would be hanging out in my living room, and I wouldn’t even sit as His feet!  I would complain that Jason didn’t help me to prepare for His coming.  I would make excuses.  I would feel sorry for myself.  Jesus would say to me as He did to Martha, “Miranda, you are worried and upset about many things, but one thing is necessary.”  Truly, one thing is necessary; to be in the presence of the Lord; to be at His feet.  Jason would be.  I know it.  I need to be.  Right now.  Constantly.

We have created a new “rule” in our home.  It was Jason’s idea.  (I told you he is at Jesus’ feet.)  We are creating a habit.  Get up early to spend time in God’s Word in the morning and pray.  Go to bed earlier, turn off the television, and read a book.  The books we read are testimonials of Christians, theology books, or anything that will help to challenge and inspire our walk with Christ.  It sounds simple, but it is hard.  It is not that I didn’t spend time in the Word or with God.  I confess, however, that it wasn’t always quality time, and I would fit it into my day as it came.  I had crossed the yellow line into on coming traffic.  I was adding Jesus to my list.  He desires for us to make the right and necessary choice.  He desires for us to choose Him; above all.  Can you do that with so many distractions?  I can’t.

I need a quiet place to be silent and still so that I can hear God speak.  If I’m jamming to worship music, I can’t always hear Him.  If the television is on for noise, I can’t always hear Him speaking.  If I am moving at the speed of light, I can not always hear Him calling.  In my busyness, I may miss what He has to say.  Now, I know God moves and speaks through circumstances in our lives.  I am making the point, however, that I will certainly lose a close encounter with Him.  I can not be on the go and sitting at the same time.  It is a choice.  I want to choose Christ.  I want to genuinely know Him.

Are you missing out on getting to know the Savior?  Are you making excuses as you scurry around?  The best and most important thing we can do for our families, our marriages, and, yes, ourselves is to be at the feet of Jesus.  Listen to Him.  It’s not about talking.  (Though, He does care about your concerns and heart and listens to your joys and pains.)  He knows us intimately.  We, however, need to know Him in a deeper way.  I pray that we would all take the time to be with Jesus in a real way.  And that we will do it often.  He is waiting in our living rooms.  Won’t we go and sit awhile?

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12 Responses to Multitasking Divas Beware

  1. amyraye says:

    Hahaha!!! If Jesus came knocking on my front door right now, I’d be yelling at my husband to put pants on the kids, pull the toddler Bible from the book shelf, and look humble! My first words to my Lord and Savior would probably be, “Please excuse the mess. I was just about to…”

    Where oh where are my priorities?

  2. Brigitte says:

    These very things were on my mind all day. I think that is why God has helped our computers break and allowed my internet card vanish. Lol. He is definitely desiring my full attention ! He deserves better than what I give . As Joyce Meyer says, “. Don’t work God into your day, work your day into God!”. Wow- we would be so blessed if we did. So starting today God is on the Top of my list. 🙂

  3. Verna Ashcraft says:

    thanks for the great words….yes, I am a Martha! 🙂

  4. Stony says:

    I enjoyed your post as usual, it relates to ( I think) our awareness or love of the creation more than the creator. As we joust ourselves into our high tech, high speed, calender filled lives we too often find that people say “Sunday is my day, I work six days a week already. I’m going fishing, rideing, whatever.” We yern for a period of release from the fast track that we have chosen to live and most will seek peace and tranquailty that only God and His creation can give, we just leave out God and take comfort in His creation. Doing so is to lose ground as a christian, (whome I think this post was aimed at) nothing will take the place of our fellowship, obedience and complete focus on the will of God. “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all these things will be appointed afterward.” God is surely smiling.

  5. Rhonda says:

    This was such a great devotion…thank you so much…I really needed to hear this today. I feel alot of times I keep myself too busy to just have a few minutes of “alone time” with Jesus. I know I need to make more time for HIM!! Really miss you guys…hope everything is going ok. Love and Hugs to you both!

  6. Betsy Anders says:

    I appreciate your blogs. The Lord is using you in a mighty way. It makes my heart so glad when I see old friends on Facebook talking about Him and what is going on at Walnut Springs Baptist Church. I pray He will bless you and your family in your lives and in your ministry.
    Betsy Anders

    • mdsharp1 says:

      Thank you so much, Betsy. What a humbling honor it is to be used by the Lord. God is doing great things here and all over the world. Thanks for reading and commenting. I really do appreciate it. God bless you!

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