Do You Raise Your Sword?

A couple weeks ago, Jason and I were having a discussion in the car. (We have some of our best talks in transit.) There was a small matter that we had both been a little concerned about. I asked him if he had taken care of it yet, and he said no. Hastily, I said I would just take care of it myself. It was nothing huge, but did require some delicasy. I knew I could handle the situation. Thus, it would be resolved. He then shared with me that he had been praying about it and was waiting for God to speak to the other party. (Praise God for a godly husband!) Reluctantly, and with conviction, I agreed he was right and apologized. Just a week ago, the Lord did, in fact, address the concern in His own way and time without any help from me or Jason. This strikes me right at my core. I am a “fix it” person. I find that most women are. I too often want to take matters into my own hands rather than seeking the Lord and waiting for Him. Does this sound familiar?

Scripture is filled with people who seemed to have the same problem I do. One woman who comes to mind is Sarah. The Lord promised her a child, but it took longer than she wanted. She, then, “created” a son for herself. God, however, did not honor this child because it was not His plan. It was Sarah’s plan. I think also of Peter. Sometimes, I love Peter for all the wrong reasons. I am greatful for him because of his faults instead of his obediance. In the garden, when Christ is with the disciples, the soliders come to arrest Him. Peter reacts by chopping off one of the guard’s ears. John 18:10-11 says, “Then Simon Peter, who had a sword, drew it, struck the high priest’s slave, and cut off his right ear. (The slave’s name was Malchus.) At that, Jesus said to Peter, ‘Sheathe your sword! Am I not to drink the cup the Father has given Me?'” This wasn’t Peter’s first objection to Christ’s eventual crucifixion. Matthew 16:21-23 says, “From then on Jesus began to point out to His disciples that He must go to Jerusalem and suffer many things from the elders, chief priests, and scribes, be killed, and be raised the third day. Then Peter took Him aside and began to rebuke Him, ‘Oh no, Lord! This will never happen to you!’ But He turned and told Peter, ‘Get behind Me, Satan! You are an offense to Me because you’re not thinking about God’s concerns, but man’s.'” At the reading of that, my heart breaks. We do not realize that we are taking Jesus aside to tell Him how His plans are wrong and ours are right. Wow. In response to our plans, Christ says we are Satan. The matter is more grievious than we know. When have you heard someone say (or said yourself), “Don’t go on a mission trip to that country! You could be hurt or die! Think of your family!” Are we focusing on God’s concerns or man’s?

In my own life, I find I am too quick to draw my sword. I need to spend more time in prayer; waiting for God’s plans to unfold instead of forcing mine to become a reality. I do not want to be an offense to the Lord. I do not want to think more highly of my ways than His ways. It is crazy to the rest of the world when we live for Christ. Even in mine and Jason’s short adventure, I have heard so many negative comments about our trips over seas and even moving to Texas. Why? To the world, Christians included, it is often deemed unnessary to do radical things for Christ. Now, I am not saying Jason and I are amazing Christians who do radical things for Jesus. I am simply pointing out that, when we strive to follow God where ever He leads, it is perceived as a great feat. It should not be. We are to live for Him every day and in every way. Paul says it is our reasonable service, or spiritual worship, when we do so (Romans 12:1).

God has His own plans. I am simply to seek Him and let Him lead me. I am not to run ahead or behind. I am not to draw my sword or bring my own desires into existence. It is a daily crucifying of my own flesh; a dieing to myself (Luke 9:23). It is letting myself go and letting Him reign (John 3:30). I pray that in my own life, I have His perfect will and not His permissive will. I am striving to get out of the way. May God have all the glory when I do!

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7 Responses to Do You Raise Your Sword?

  1. Stony says:

    Very good post, it should be as no suprise when Jesus referred to Peter as satan for the scripture plainly states that there is no middle, no margin, no other choice but that of God or satan. There is no lukewarm or fence riding, it is either of God or satan. We find it hard many times to do the right thing for this reason, it seems like it is no big deal or not important but #1, if it does not glorify God it is wrong. Through the teaching of the scriptures we can see in our everyday life where we need improveing/descipline in our own lives. The closer we strive to be in fellowship w/the Lord the more we can see His will and the more others will think that we are over reacting. I witnessed a young lady once come out of a house w/a t-shirt on which had a beer advertisement on it, she was asked to go change (the shirt was a gift) and a man that was there visiting didn’t see anything wrong w/it. A christian should not promote drinking at any age, especially a child. It may appear to the world that it is no big deal but to the christian, if it doesn’t glorify God it is of satan and therefore goes against the witness of all christians. Our daily actions reflect what we think of God, it shows the world how much/little we love, trust our savior. “An apple tree has apples”(borrowed,thanks), there fore if your tree doesn’t have the fruit that you profess it to be everyone already knows. It may not be on the “sword” subject but it is what HE has led me to post. Thanks for your time in the Gospel.

  2. Great post Miranda! This past week I have been praying about some pretty specific things and I felt like God wasn’t/isn’t giving me the answer quickly enough. After reading this I am reminded that it is God’s timing not mine and if I will step out of the way, remain faithful in my prayers, God will answer. It still may not be what I want to hear but that his will be done not mine. Thank you so much for this post!

  3. Kimberly Harris says:

    I was pondering Peters thoughts and conversation with Jesus. It is easy for me to understand Peters response, we would want to protect and defend, just like Peter. No, I’m not going to let them kill you. Just think how Peter must have felt when Jesus referred to him as Satan? Perfect example of how God’s way is not man’s way.
    Great post Miranda, Thanks so much.

    • mdsharp1 says:

      Thanks so much for your thoughts, Kim. It is certainly not easy to take on the mind of Christ. Our ways are not His ways. As we seek Him, however, He will always guide us; telling us how to speak, act, and live for Him. I always appreciate your comments. Thanks for reading! Love ya!

  4. Kimberly Harris says:

    Wow this really hit home Miranda,
    Recently I was in a discussion with this women and it had nothing to do with the fact she was lesbian but she pulled the ” you don’t like me because I’m lesbian” card on me. and that I was judging her which made me no better. I tried to think about my response but yes i pulled the sword, since she is the one that brought it up. I tried to be polite but the bible does say it is a abomination to the lord. This lead to may negative responses but some of God’s angels did respond in a firm and positive manner. All on Facebook I might add. So i have been pondering how I could have handled that different. Lord If I stand on your word, your going to have to help me with my words because I want it to be a blessing. Part of me thinks she wanted people to see her statements as if to say” she judges people”. i don’t judge people. If a tree grows apples, it is a apple tree. Love ya Miranda This post really hit home with me.

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