In Need of Restoration

It seems that God has brought women across my path, especially recently, who are in need of restoration.  I myself have been in need of Christ’s healing at times; though more spiritually than physically.  I love the accounts in Scripture that bring out the power of Jesus to take something that is broken and make it whole again; often better than before.  I look around and see a great deal of broken people.  I can look in the mirror and see a broken person.  We have cracks of sin and deep wounds that form canyons on our hearts.  We have issues with trust, security, authority, fathers, love, and friendship.  We limp along like Jacob who wrestled with God and received a dislocated hip (Genesis 32:24-32).  We too have wrestled with God.  Not physically, but emotionally and spiritually.  We have questioned Him, we have doubted Him, and we have come away from it all with a limp.  It is God’s desire to restore us.

One passage I have been drawn to is the story of the woman with the issue of blood.  It is very important to note the context of this account in Scripture.  Her story is found amidst Jesus healing the paralytic (Matthew 9:1), the calling of Matthew (vs. 9), an explanation of how He came to save sinners not the righteous (vs. 12), the confirmation that things can be made new (vs. 17), and between the beginning and conclusion of Christ’s healing of a leader’s daughter (vs. 18, 23-26).  Chapter nine is all about restoration.  Christ restores the paralytic’s ability to walk.  He calls a tax collector who is hated by his own community because of his shady occupation into His service.  He explains to the Pharisees that He has come to heal the sick.  He knows that those who have been restored are made new.  He uses the example of not putting new wine in old wine skins.  He is on His way to resurrect Jairus’ daughter (Mark 5:22) when he is interrupted by another’s need for healing.

I think about this woman’s situation.  She has been hemorrhaging for twelve years.  In essence, her monthly period has not stopped.  Besides the medical and emotional consequences, this made her a social outcast.  According to Leviticus 15:19, she was unclean.  A woman who was menstruating was unclean for seven days and made anyone who touched her unclean.  This woman had been unclean, untouched, and outcast from her society for twelve years.  She was definitely in need of restoration.  She seems quite desperate in Scripture.  Matthew 9:21 says, “For she said to herself, ‘If I can just touch His robe, I’ll be made well!'”  She was at the end of her hope.  Mark’s account says that “she had endured much under many doctors,” “had spent everything,” and had not been helped at all (5:25-26).  In fact, she was worse (vs. 26).  Her situation certainly seems desperate. Have you felt that way?  Are you at the point of no hope right now?  We often feel like outcasts wandering this road of hurt alone.  We cry out to Christ as a last resort.

She touches Jesus’ garment (essentially the tassels of His Jewish prayer shawl) and is made whole again.  Jesus tells her not to be afraid (vs.22); her faith has made her well from that exact moment on.  Mark says, “Instantly her flow of blood ceased, and she sensed in her body that she was cured of her affliction” (5:29).  However desperate she came to touch Jesus’ robe, she left restored physically, emotionally, socially, and, most importantly, spiritually.  Often in Scripture, when Jesus heals someone physically He says something like what He told this woman.  That their faith has healed them, or their sins have been forgiven.  Christ always focuses on the state of one’s soul.  The physical restoration occurs after, or rather because of, the spiritual restoration.  They are almost instantaneous in Jesus’ miracles.

This is an account of hope for those who are struggling.  Broken hearts are often seen in broken lives.  Christ’s desire is to touch your heart and make it whole; to restore your soul.  The Psalmist David says to God in Psalm 51:12, “Restore the joy of Your salvation to me, and give me a willing spirit.”  He longs to make us whole again.  Once we are restored into a right relationship with Christ, whether that is through salvation for the first time in asking Christ to forgive us believing He died to take the place of our sin and asking Him into our heart to become the King and Lord of our life, or having Him restore the joy that once lived inside us, we can see our lives restored as well.  We cannot get our lives right and then come to Jesus.  We have to know Jesus so that He can make our lives what He wants them to be.

Maybe you are in need of restoration today.  Maybe you are struggling with some physical, emotional, or spiritual affliction.  Maybe you’re wrestling with God.  Know that Christ loves you and cares about your situation.  He stopped on His way to heal Jarius’ daughter to make this woman whole, and He loves you in the same way.  He is able to restore you too if you only believe.  It was this woman’s faith that saved her and restored her to a life she had only dreamed of.  Christ desires to give you life (salvation) and life in abundance (living fully for Him) (John 10:10) if you will only believe.  May we be women of faith who truly believe that God can restore us to a better person than we have ever been before.  May He heal our wounds.  Have a blessed week!

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3 Responses to In Need of Restoration

  1. Kimberly Harris says:

    Thanks Miranda ,
    Not that this has anything to do with anything but recently in July we was at the beach and I had a chance to walk and admire the hugeness of the ocean. Many thoughts came to mind but just how amazing is a God that can create such a thing as the Ocean. My mental ability to comprehend his power . You know I just can’t begain to understand his power just based on the size of the Ocean. The complex design just so beyond anything I can comprehend. Just wanted to share that thought. Love ya thanks for the post. Kim

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